A project to explore how organizations are interpreting and making productive use of III-RM (Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model).

” In General Electric, Jack Welch invented the term ‘‘the Boundaryless Organization’’, not to imply that there are no boundaries, but that they should be made permeable. ” – Page 608 TOGAF Version 9 (2009).

Terms used by vendors

CISCO: Borderless Network (BN)Borderless Enterprise

Motorola: Enterprise Mobility, Seamless Mobility

Oracle: Enterprise Service Bus

IBM: Data Mobility,Enterprise Service Bus

Sybase: Information Mobility

Other Sources

Wikipedia: III-RM , III-RM.com ,

Why BNCloud ?

My networking days started with thin ethernet which uses BNC ( British Naval Connector or Bayonet Neill-Concelman ) connectors.  Today the latest buzz word is Cloud. So it’s just a catchy spoonerism.