Successful change causes collapse of civilization…(disclaimer – contains fiction)

Be interesting to see if Ulster Bank do finally put their issues to bed today. When this all kicked off I was following Robert Peston’s (BBC) blog. Someone posted an article that was quickly taken down. If it were left there it might have caused a run on the banks involved. The gist of it was that the change didn’t ‘fail’ as such, it worked! But it uncovered a previously hidden ’error’ – a massive systemic hole in the finances. At the time I dismissed this as someone making mischief, but as the weeks went by I started wonder if there might actually be a conspiracy. Perhaps the real reason it’s taken so long to recover is that they have had to find ways to re-hide the hole? First pushing it from RBS to Netwest, then on to Ulster Bank. From Ulster Bank there is nowhere left to push it. Sounds like a plot for a novel / film (fiction – I hope!).

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ITILExpert’s take: If the answer is yes to Robert Peston’s question “Is outsourcing the cause of RBS debacle?“, it would be too easy to conclude that outsourcing is bad. I disagree. Even if the plot were true – if you are in a big hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.