Please don’t waste your life trying to decide if a service is a Technical Service or a Business Service!

‘Business Service’ and ‘Technical Service’ are simply label types to be used in the appropriate context. The exact same ‘service’ (i.e. the exact same set of resources and capabilities) can be to one person a Business Service and to another person a Technical Service.

Although in practice you will have some different fields in the Business Service Catalogue compared to fields in the Technical Service Catalogue; in theory the only difference required is the value of one word in the service’s label or type (i.e. ‘Business’ or ‘Technical’).  So the exact same service can appear in both the Business Service Catalogue and in the Technical Service Catalogue. Their respective entries may differ in presentation or enrichment suitable for the audiences of the respective catalogues.

If you decide to implement this in a database then you may decide to implement a service as a single record with a couple of check box fields to check ‘Business Service’, ‘Technical Service’ which then makes that service a candidate for the respective catalogue. In this implementation it is not difficult to see that there is one service, that can optionally appear in one or both catalogues.  If you choose to implement the Business and Technical Service catalogues as separate tables in the database (or separate databases) then you could end up with 2 records per service and conclude that since these are separate and distinctive records (having different columns per catalogue type) that there must be two separate and distinctive services.

Both of these implementations are valid. Both models are valid i.e. in one Model there is one service that can be both Business and Technical and in the other model Business and Technical are separate service types. At the end of the day it is a choice. Or perhaps I should say ‘at the beginning of the day’ it is a choice, even if you are unaware that you have already made the choice!

(Matrix Reloaded 2003) :
Neo: Are you saying I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies?
The Oracle: No, you’ve already made the choice. Now you have to understand it.